Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Er Pizzardone

Update on the status of our pending residency. Today ‘Er Pizzardone’ (il vigile, the urban policeman as they call him here in Rome) passed by home to check whether we actually live where we have declared to live.

But as a shade in the night, nobody seems to have noticed him: Luis, the concierge, didn’t see him entering in the building, Mathilde didn’t hear him buzzing at the entry-phone or at the doorbell. We simply found a slip of paper stating that he passed without finding anyone at home.

Conclusion: we have to present ourselves at the police station on Monday at 7.30 am with a copy of our lease agreement to demonstrate we live in our home.

It’s a Kafkan situation, but perhaps by Monday this will be over…


  1. da noi è venuto davvero... e ha pure controllato la casa

  2. non ci posso credere!!!

    (ps: tanto per curiosita', dopo quanto tempo?)