Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in Rome

For an American, Thanksgiving is a must. And for us who have lived in the States for many years (and that therefore can rightly claim to be a bit American as well) Thanksgiving has become somehow a pleasant tradition.

Interestingly, while in the States we never celebrated Thanksgiving with an American. We were invited a couple of times at Olga’s (Russian), another time we celebrated it with James and Kristina (an Australian-Bulgarian couple), and we once celebrated it with Pavel and Petra (a couple of Czech friends).

We had to wait to be in Rome to finally celebrate Thanksgiving with an American - and in the proper way: turkey and pumpkin soup.

Thanks Elizabeth!

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  1. Errata corrige (corrigenda): in fact that with Pavel and Petra was not Thanksgiving, but Christmas (sorry, my memory starts flying into a tantrum).

    We celebrated Thanksgiving 2008 with Clemence and Christophe (at the Key West & Dry Tortuga: ref.