Thursday, November 10, 2011

Leo and our friends (or modern sailors)

They say that in ancient times sailors used to plant trees and leave livestock on the islands they touched along their routes so that they could find fresh fruits and fresh meat every time they returned there.

With all due differences, we could consider ourselves modern sailors, who leave friends in every city they live in, so that they could find them back every time they return.

And so it was for us in London. The last time I was in London was in December 2004, for my graduation, almost seven years ago. Mathilde hasn’t been there for even longer.

But from the breakfast of day one our agenda was filled with rendez vous with old friends: Elena, Maxime and Ella, Piergiorgio, and Gianni and Debora. And, regretfully, our schedule was so tight that we didn’t manage to see Claire, Willem, and Kuli and Filipe.

Next time…


  1. Viva Leo, And his first trips around the world! Hugs from London - Gianni & Debora