Friday, November 11, 2011

Leo’s first pint

Yes - one of the reasons why we decided to go to London and bring Leonardo was to smooth a bit his accent. ‘If he has to learn English - we thought - better he learns it with the right accent from the very beginning’…

But we all know that learning a language without simoulatneously experiencing the culture that surrounds that language is a dry process. We thus wanted Leo to taste a bit the British culture.

And so it was: ladies and gentlemen, Leo’s first pint*.

And, of course, the fish and chips...

(*) Differently from the US, in UK they don't ask you an ID when you order a beer...


  1. HAHAHA I like the one with the beer!
    He looks so beautiful!
    Sorry Matteo but I think he looks more like Mathilde than like you :D
    Enjoy that awesome weather in Rome!

  2. of course: the alcoholic in the family is mathilde, not me ;)