Saturday, November 12, 2011

Post for Olivier

Olivier is (was) Mathilde’s manager. According to Mathilde, an excellent manager: positive, encouraging, empowering.

But we want to pay Olivier a tribute here on this Blog not for his qualities as a manager, but for a passion he managed to pass to our family.

Before being a manager, Olivier is an ornithologist, a bird-watcher. One of those people that wake up at 5 am every morning to watch birds. One of those people that have always two things with them: a pair of binoculars and a bird encyclopedia. One of those people that before going to sleep maniacally update a diary in which they report all their daily observations…

When I met Mathilde, she couldn’t care less about birds. But lately she has shown an increasing interest in them. To the extent that - when we were in India - she bought a couple of books on Indian birds to be able to identify them. And to the point that, when we visited the Natural History Museum in London last week, she chose to go, among the many galleries we could visit, to the bird collection.

And, surprisingly, Leo seemed to show a certain interest as well…

(By the way, does anyone know why dodos became extinct?)


  1. si sono estinti perchè hanno lottato per l'ultima anguria prima dell'arrivo delle glaciazioni!

  2. Because some people like you (i.e. non-vegetarian ;-) ate them all... (to be fair, also because some new dodo predators were introduced). For the story, is nowadays the number 1 website for job postings in environment. The battle goes on. Unfortunately we did not manage to save the Africa Western black rhino (declared officially extinct last week by IUCN...) :-(

  3. Erano troppo buoni (arrosto con le patate) e troppo pochi. Comunque i maggiori "predators" sono stati (come al solito) gli umani.