Saturday, January 28, 2012

At Steve McCurry’s

Today we went to the MACRO, the Rome’s Contemporary Art Museum, to a photo exhibition dedicated to Steve McCurry. Even those who do not know McCurry by name, they must know him by fame: he is the author of the famous portrait of the Afghan girl with the green eyes that appeared on the National Geographic cover 17 years ago.

And have to say that the exhibition is really worth: literally a journey, made of more than 200 pictures taken over 30 years, through the colors, the cultures, the recent history of several countries - from Afghanistan to India, from Pakistan to Myanmar, to Kuwait, Cambodia, Tibet, and many many others - with, as guiding thread, human beings and the human condition.

With over 200 pictures displayed, it was difficult to pick our favourite one. Mathilde liked this one, taken in the Hunan Province in China, which portraits Buddhist monks on training. I had few that, for a reason or another, I liked very much - but the one that stroke me the most is this one, shot in Peru. The image on the web does not reproduce the dramatic power of the real photo, but I can assure you I shuddered in front of it.

If you are in Rome, we do recommend you to go before it ends - it is on until April 29. And if you come to visit us, we will be happy to take you to see it and to see it again... J


  1. io verrò sicuramente... purtroppo quando la mostra è passata per milano sono riuscita a perderla... fammi sapere via mail i w-e in cui pensi di essere libero così comincio ad organizzarmi!
    un besito a tutta la famigghia!

  2. Ricordo benissimo quella copertina del National geaographic. Una foto veramente straordinaria (e uno sguardo di ragazza altrettanto straordinario).

  3. @ ky: bhe, prima del 29 aprile direi. sentiamoci nel week end, cosi vediamo un po'...

  4. @ M2: hai anche visto la foto di lei 17 anni dopo? dai un'occhiata a

  5. Gli occhi sono gli stessi, ma il tempo passa per tutti.