Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leo de Gayardon

If it’s true that we can infer someone’s passion (or talent) since he or she is a baby, then we can hazard with a reasonable degree of certainty that Leo will excel in one discipline: base jumping.

Leo had his first jump during the Christmas holidays, not less than from the washing-machine. Landing: on the head. Unharmed.

And if the today's 85 cm will progressively increase to eventually become hundreds of metres, we can then anticipate that, almost certainly, Leo has a promising future as base-jumper…


  1. pas mal dit donc..... 85cm.... deja nous la chute du lit ca nous a rendu fous j'imagine l'etat de toi, Mathilde...??
    mais surtout que faisait Leo sur le lave linge??!! grand question!

  2. que faisait leo sur le lave linge? justement, il se entraînais...

  3. coolness comes from the cradle - Leo, the Xbaby!!! Bisou, DaniJ