Friday, March 16, 2012

The Handover Note

‘The Handover Note’. It could be the title of a bestseller. Or that of a blockbuster. It is in fact the title of the document that Mathilde sent me yesterday, and that is now hanging on our fridge. The Handover Note: what you need to know to take care of our son for a week.

Mathilde is leaving tomorrow for the States for one week. Nine days/eight nights to be precise. Leaving me with the responsibility (burden?) of taking care of Leo. By myself! And with only one page (actually less: 364 words) of the things I need to know to carry out my duty.

“Is that all what I need to know? - was my first reaction when I read the document - I thought it would have been much more complicated…”

Have I been fooled, or in fact it is not that difficult?

The answer in a week (probably less…)


  1. non vale! oggi arriva la mamma a darti una mano e settimana prossima la sorella (però quella inesperta di bimbi!!!!)

  2. eh eh, I love this post.
    But it makes me thinking... how do single parents do?... do they write handover notes to themselves every day?... ;-)

  3. Sor Matteo, ma perchè ce vole l'acqua menerale per el latte der pupo? Non je piace l'acqua de Roma? Che fa? Ce mette la liscia, la gassata o la Ferrarelle per faje fa er ruttino?

  4. bhe, aspettiamo qualche anno prima di far venire i calcoli ai reni a leo...