Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frammenti di vacanze - Milano

As it seems to have become the rule in the past few years, our Christmas vacations have now literally turned into tours de force. Last year we drove more than 3,000 km in 12 days. This year we covered six places in 13 days: Milan, Le Cap Ferret, Milan again, Giusvalla/Parma, Rollo, and back to Rome.

We are not complaining. Despite got (geographically) closer to our families by moving to Rome in fact, we don’t see them often. Christmas has thus become the moment in which we can all be together. And this has now become even more important with Leonardo, as we learnt to value more and more the time he can spend with his grandparents, aunties, and cousins... 

But it’s true that we got back to Rome with the feeling we needed a few more days of vacation to recover from… our own vacation!

The first leg of our tour was Milan. As per tradition, all a bit in a rush: many things to do, many people to meet, many commitments to attend - but Christmas in Milan has, to me, always the taste of Christmas…

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