Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Preamble. There is a little corner at home. It’s really nothing special: a simple indentation on the wall in the tiny corridor that connects the entrance to the living room. Bare. Uncomfortable. Useless. But Leo keeps on going and sitting there. And he looks happy. It has become Leo’s corner…

The events. Well then, we were in the middle of the festa dei bambini, when Mathilde and I noticed Leo seemed not to be around anymore. We had a quick look around - our apartment is not huge - but we could not immediately spot him.

Almost at the same time, we noticed that Laura and Connor, a nice Italo-Irish couple friend of us, seemed to look for their daughter Luna, Leo’s classmate at the childcare, as well.

Initially laughing, we joined our efforts - but soon we got a bit frightened as we could not find them and they did not respond to our calls. Where the hell they have got to?!?

Caught in the act. But when we finally turned into the tiny corridor that from the living room leads to the main door, here they were: tenderly (too tenderly!) close to each other in Leo’s corner. And when they saw us, they immediately wriggle themselves free from each other, and they looked at us giggling as if they were caught red-handed.

Conclusion. All is well that ends well, and considering you never know what can happen with children, we were relieved to discover nothing serious had happened.

But blissful youth! They are not two years old yet, and they already disappear at the parties!!!


  1. Comincia presto ad imbucarsi il pargolo!

  2. be' è lo stesso nipotino che con il sorriso navigato si fa fare le foto mentre fa il bagno nudo con le sue cousinettes francesi!