Friday, January 18, 2013

La festa dei bambini


Well, yes, we have done something foolish. We have invited 10 (ten!) babies between one and two years old at our place to celebrate the Befana (the kindly old witch who brings children candies at Epiphany). We have bought coloured balloons, baked cakes and pizzette (actually Mathilde baked cakes. Matteo purchased pizzette at the bakery downstairs), and tried to make our place child-proof (we removed the crystal table from the living-room and applied child-proof outlets into the wall sockets to prevent children the temptation to plug-in their fingers).

The result?

Well, see below…




  1. Mi sembra che la casa sia ancora in piedi, e tutto sommato neanche troppo incasinata... bella idea! vi siete divertiti?

  2. solo una lampada dell'ikea. poteva andarci molto peggio...

    e si, ci siamo divertiti :)