Friday, March 29, 2013

Leo’s favourites

To avoid the Blog is monopolized by Tommy and re-establish a bit of par condicio among the two brothers, here it is a post on Leo - Leo’s favourites:
-          Favourite videos: ‘Pupo’ (i.e. Lupo) and ‘Bo-bo-bo
-          Favourite cd: ‘Pupo’ (i.e. Peter and the Wolf, by Prokofiev)
-          Favourite song: ‘Ia-oh’ (i.e. Nella vecchia fattoria, Old Mc Donald has a farm)
-          Favourite nursery rhymes: ‘Aram-sam-sam’ and ‘Ainsi font les petites marionnettes’
-          Favourite tale: ‘Cappuccetto Rosso’ (i.e. Little Red Riding Hood), or, better, the scene when Little Red Riding Hood says good-bye to his mum, and the scene when the Wolf knocks at the Granma’s door
-          Favourite book: ‘Qui mange qui
-          Favourite dish: ‘nonna’s gnocchi al ragù’
-          Favourite animal: ‘bau-bau’ (
-          Favourite toy: ‘Mao’ (his teddy bear)

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