Sunday, March 17, 2013

Maratona di Roma - from above

Twelve months ago I was finalizing the preparation for my first marathon. If not at the best of my shape, I was certainly in a good shape.
Twelve months after I found myself watching the Rome marathon from my terrace, wishing I could be there and meditating on the physical decline I suffered in the past year instead. And knowing that with two kids the chances that next year it will be better are very very limited…


  1. comincia ad allenare Leonardo e.....
    il tempo passa per tutti, e le nuove leve incalzano.

  2. leonardo corricchia gia' che e' un piacere :)

  3. ma per lui abbiamo gia' scelto lo sport: non sara' un maratoneta, ma un giocatore di rugby!