Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nesting - continues...

Apparently, the ‘nesting phase’ I described a few posts ago does not last during pregnancy only, but continues after delivery as well.
Since she came back from the clinic, Mathilde has put in order all her jewels, filed all her documents, cleaned up the medicine cabinet, and assembled Leo and Tommy’s bedroom.
Luckily she could count on Leo’ support…


  1. Così piccino e già così ikeizzato! Col martello....!

  2. @ projecto pupunha: message delivered. she is fine, thanks :)

    @ m2: questa e' l'ikea-ipad generation...

  3. ps: e' un cacciavite, non un martello. la sostanza non cambia, pericoloso lo stesso, ma almeno aiuta a costruire invece di distrugere...

  4. ah, beh: se è un cacciavite...è tutta un'altra cosa!