Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tommy, only child for a week-end

Hard life that of the secondborns. From the moment they are born, and for the rest of their lives, they are and remain… secondborn. Simply, they have a brother or a sister with whom to share mum and dad. Dot. They may (or may not) have the bad luck of having an additional brother or sister (or more than one) with whom further sharing the parents later on, but they will never experience the thrill of having mum and dad just for them.

Against this irrefutable truth, Tommy had the unique chance of being only child for a week-end. Concerned by the logistics involved in bringing a twenty-two month-old child to a wedding 3,000 km far from home, we in fact decided to leave Leo to the trusty Claudia for the week-end, and leave with Tommy only. 

And as much Tommy may have enjoyed being only child for a week-end, we enjoyed being only parents of a three-month old child for a week-end. Not only Tommy slept during the two-hours-and-half flight to/from Seville, during the wedding ceremony, during the dinner, during the party, and until noon the following day - allowing us a freedom to which we were not used anymore, but, in the absence of his yelling brother, we had more time and space to observe and focus on him.  

And in fact we came back from Seville with the impression of having got to know him a bit better…