Monday, August 26, 2013

Childcare’s end of the year party

It seems yesterday that Leo crossed the threshold of the childcare, and, almost without realizing it, we are already celebrating the end of his first year at the Nido. With hindsight, we could not be more happy about this choice.

It’s true, between October and April he has been sick almost every other week. But, apart from the fact that - as they say - this contributed strengthening his immune-system (or we hope so!), he became more independent (he started eating by himself from the first day he was at the Nido), more disciplined, and, if not more sociable, certainly more used to stay with other children. He had opportunities to test himself with a multitude of activities and develop his skills (apparently he is good with music), and to relate himself with other kids and other adults. 

And next year we would need to start thinking to the 'materna' (the nursery school) !

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