Tuesday, August 13, 2013

E anche Riccardo e Tanja si sono sposati (Riccardo and Tanja finally got married)

Big, dark, bad - to the extent that when we need to enforce discipline among our kids we use him as a deterrent (‘If you don’t finish your meal, we call zio Riccardo!’). How the hell a tall, blond, smart and cute Danish fell in love with him is a mystery. But that’s it: love is a mystery, and on June 8 Riccardo and Tanja got married.
It was a beautiful wedding, in the marvellous setting of Titignano - an old village in Umbria converted into an agritourism (a place that, should we decide to get re-married, we would choose for our weeding), and that, with families coming from two different countries and friends from all around the world, reminded us - in a way - our own wedding.
Dear Tanja and Riccardo, we wish you a long and happy life together. We were honoured to have been part on this very special day for you.