Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First day at the Nido

While Matteo was stuffing himself with chinese food and hamburgers across the ocean, Leonardo had his first day at the ‘nido’ (the childcare). 

In line with his personality, he faced the new experience with enthusiasm and with a smile on his lips - breaking immediately off from his mum’ skirt, and starting to discover the new environment with curiosity and interest. The only moment in which he got a bit upset was when another baby stole the toy with which he was playing. But he will soon learn to make himself respected. Or to offer his own cheek.

Leo, the youngest in his class, has already a lover (Matilde), a rival in love (Lorenzo, openly in love with Matilde), and a bunch of new friends (Edoardo, Paolo, Giuseppe, and Francesco).

Another milestone achieved!

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