Saturday, September 15, 2012

Back in DC

After the Chino-Japa-Vietnamese wedding in LA, I went to DC for a week for work.

You all know how attached we were to DC - and in fact returning here after more than two years had the same pleasent feeling of returning home.

Here there are a few of the things that made me feel home in these days…

- Glimpsing the Washington Monument from the Memorial Bridge arriving from the airport*
- “How are you today?!”
- “Single or double?” (at the bar, referred to the espresso)
- Discovering that my Smart-trip card (my metro card) is still functioning (and still has credit on it!)
- Managing not to get lost while driving in town (thanks Carito for lending me your car!)
- Lunch at Cosi, brunch at The Diner, ice-cream at Pitango
- Grocery at Whole Food
- To meet deer while jogging along the Potomac at the sunset
- Squirrels in the parks
- Finding the same flower street vendor in Farragut Square

I still have difficulties in identifying which place I should call home. But certainly, even if it is not home anymore, even if I think it won’t be home anymore, a piece of our heart is here in DC…

(*) Cfr. this picture with the last picture I took in DC two years ago.


  1. Sharing the exact same feelings every time I am back in DC (end of October, yeeepppeee!!!)
    Have fun and don't forget breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien!

  2. it would be interesting to understand why we are so attached to this town: is it the town that has a particular charme, or was it the particular moment of our lives in which we lived in it?