Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Washington, adieu...

My last picture of DC: on the Memorial Bridge, from the taxi on my way to the airport

Our last two weeks of July were spent to close - this time seemingly for good - our chapter in DC. And while this time the moment of parting has been less emotional than that of one year ago*, probably because in the past months we slowly got used to the idea and therefore arrived better prepared to it, the general feeling remained the same: we will be missing DC.

At the same time, while queuing in an ordinarily way at the traffic light or in a shop, while roaming in well-stocked supermarkets and in green and clean parks, while calling a green number to have a service immediately done, a subtle conviction progressively anchored in our minds. That it’s true, we will be missing DC: we will be missing the ‘easiness’ and the comfort of it - but to grow we needed to leave it and experience the other side of the moon as well.

Therefore, adieu, Washington: we will be missing you, and perhaps one day we will be back. But today we don’t regret our choice...

(*) http://www.matteoandmathilde.org/2009/09/10-reasons-why-we-will-be-missing-dc.html

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