Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Washington memories...

While wandering about places that after five years have become so familiar, and thinking back over all the memories that these places recalled, I was wondering myself which image - if I had to choose one - I would choose to synthesize our five years in DC.

As I couldn’t pick one, I select them all...

(Ps: have a close look, you may find yourself in one of them!)


  1. I found myself!!! (eating a BIIIIG hamburger!!!)

  2. credo ce ne sia anche una in cui baci bip-bip

  3. I didn't find myself, but I found 2 pics of my car (much cuter than the owner, I must admit...!)


  4. you should be there (somewhere). i remember i included a picure of us ice-skating at the art sculpture garden (remember?).

    if you can't find yourself it's probably because your picture ended up below the other - picasa's fault, sorry :(

    there must be a picture of labeslky (+ agata) at our civil wedding as well...

  5. actually labelsky also appears in a picture taken during an aperitif on the terrace of your apt. in florida street - can you find her?

    chiara, i counted you on at least 6 pictures and half (the half is a shoulder that i think is yours, but i am not sure)

  6. @ chiara: actually on 7 and half

  7. uffa...mi tocca andare a washington da sola... :(

  8. Ne ho trovate 4 1/2... Confermo che la spalla muscolosa dovrebbe essere mia...
    Hamburger, bip bip, una con te e mathilde, una con la tua amica con cui avevo ballato al concerto dei tizi a washington e la spalla...

  9. ah, non ti avevo vista nella foto del jazz in piazza. allora ci sei su 8 foto e una spalla. cercati bene...