Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 reasons why we liked Ladakh

(1) Because I could finally trek without being wet during the day and frozen during night (ref. Iceland & Alaska) (Mathilde)

(2) Because I could finally trek without carrying all my stuff on my shoulders (ref. Iceland & Alaska) (Mathilde)

(3) Because I enjoyed the sense of peace, solitude and seclusion that I have been missing since I arrived in India (Matteo)

(4) Because we looooved the Ladakhi food (particularly the momo* soup) (Matteo & Mathilde)

(5) Because I trekked higher than the Mount Blanc! (Mathilde)

(6) Because in the deep of my heart I always dreamt of being a mountaineer (Matteo)

(7) Because after four months in Delhi at temperatures ranging between 43o and 48o, the average 26o-28o in Ladakh (5o-7o over night) seemed heaven to us! (Matteo & Mathilde)

(8) Because I was allowed not to shave for an entire week! (Matteo)

(9) Because after 7 days trekking I didn’t have a gram of cellulite anymore J (Mathilde)

(10)Because we have never seen so many stars as in the Ladakhi sky over night... (Matteo & Mathilde)

(*) dumplings


  1. la mamma ha riso per la 8!
    a me è piaciuta la 6...

  2. You also need to know that the 9 is a complete creation of Matteo :-)

  3. (11) parce que c'est le premier endroit ou vous vous êtes fait photographier ensemble sans faire de grimaces au photographe! Excellente photo!


  4. Pourquoi, est-ce-que nous faisons normalement de grimaces au photographe ? …