Friday, September 28, 2012

Leo’s notebook cover

May I ask you what in your opinion is represented on Leo’s notebook cover?

Because to me it’s rather obvious - but I have been told: ‘Nice, is it a chick?’, and ‘Nice, is it a baby-girl?’.

It’s not a chick, and it’s not a baby-girl…


  1. The first impression was a siren (probably because of the eyes...) but I would go for a lion considering the lack of water in the surroundings :-)

  2. E' un LEOncino della savana!!! Simona

  3. Esatto! Un LEOncino! Bravi tutti, e brava Simona: nella Savana (fatta di muschio - so proud of myself...)

  4. Chick??? Baby girl????

    se questi fanno il Test di Rorschach, cosa vedono????

    ma è OVVIO che era un leoncino!!!!