Sunday, September 2, 2012

I mostri

Sly, untrustworthy, quack, Don Juan… this is the portrait of the main characters of ‘I Mostri’, a 1963 movie by Dino Risi which portrays, with cynicism and black humor, the behaviours and the vices of the Italians.

A movie that was quite successful in France (I had never seen it; it was my inlaws’ who showed it to me in La Bourboule) - and that contributed to strengthen the stereotype of the ‘Italian’ among our transalpine cousins.

So you can imagine what the reaction of Macha and Pacha was when Mathilde confessed she was dating an Italian…


  1. "mai fidarsi di nessuno"

  2. ...neanche di tuo padre. noo, scherzavo, eh, di papà sì. dai un bacetto, va...