Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ou est Mathilde?

The times in Washington, with me travelling for weeks as a spinning top all around Africa while Mathilde complained about being left alone, seem far far away.

Since my arrival in India, the number of my work trips has reduced to almost zero, with great benefits for my wellbeing: I probably gained the couple of pounds I had lost while in Washington because of stress; I am managing to do sport quite regularly; and, well, can’t say my gray hair (which actually started becoming gray in Washington) turned brown - but at least I have the impression (or the hope?) that they are not becoming grayer…

The funny thing is that it is now Mathilde who is travelling like a spinning top. She was in France-Brazil-US in October before coming to India, she left to France-US-France last week and will be back at the end of March, she might go to Indonesia in April, and again to France and the US in May or June.

The doom of development professionals? A typical modern couple? Or an example of how sometime it is difficult to value gender equality in your daily life?

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  1. dovevi metterla incinta a settembre....
    (ho volutamente scritto questo post in italiano...)