Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Japanese in Rome (via Delhi)

Roma caput mundi. We may look repetitive, but once again we had evidence that - it’s true - all roads lead to Rome. It seems in fact that, for a reason or another, all our friends from Delhi have decided to pass by Rome. And so after zia Valeria, zio Riccardo, and tia Patricia (we missed चाची Muna by one day), yesterday we received the pleasant visit of 叔父 Kaz - directly from the not too far Tunisia, and with plenty of good news.

And 叔父 Toshi and family are awaited next month.

We look forward to seeing the rest of the gang soon: Delhi-Rome does not seem too far afterall…

(Ps: below Leo and his new friend from Tunisia. Thank-you Kaz!)

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