Thursday, September 22, 2011

The strange case of a half-French, half-Italian...

Despite his French passport, it’s a fact that Leonardo is half French and half Italian*.

We often wondered which personality would have resulted from this blend. Yesterday I had a first demonstration…

I had just finished to have Leonardo taking his bath and was wiping him in his towel, when, apparently without a reason, he suddenly banged his head against me - as a notorious (former) French footballeur previously. Still half stunned I was feeling my upper lip to check whether it was bleeding, when Leonardo (as the worst Italian cheater) started screaming, crying, tossing as if possessed by demons.

Before I could even realize what had happened, Mathilde came in the room ticking me off: “What did you do to Leo?!?!”

And there was no way I could prove my innocence: “Hey, why do you give me the blame: it was him who committed foul against me!!!”

(*) Actually he is half French (with some drops of Belgian blood), three-eighths Italian and one-eighth Chinese…

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