Friday, September 23, 2011

Last week-end

Let’s continue and conclude the account of the past week-end before entering in the new one.

Last week-end marked the return of Les M&M’s to society. After weeks and weeks interned between the walls of our home, we finally adventured ourselves to the ‘outside world’: on Saturday we went to a BBQ in Santa Marinella, on the seaside near Civitavecchia, and on Sunday we joined the same group of friends to the volcanic Lake of Vico, about one hour north from Rome*.

The experiment was successful in many regards: Leo behaved and seemed to enjoy being cuddled by many people (he even recorded an eight-hour-in-a-row sleep!). Mathilde was happy to finally see other faces than that of her husband. And Matteo was happy to finally use the M&M’s mobile beyond the usual home-supermarket-home way.

Considering the success of this week-end, we may expect many other week-ends scouting Rome’ surroundings.

Stay tuned!

(*) Thanks to Betty and Gigi for organizing it and for inviting us J

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