Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to Deborah

Les M&M’s welcome Deborah (aka Projecto Pupunha or Debrinhah) among their ‘official’ followers.

Deborah, an old friend from the times in DC who then moved to Brazil and is now in Nicaragua, has been one of the most active followers of our Blog recently. And today she officially joined our small community.

Thank-you Deb for staying in touch with us even from far away. And for keeping our Blog alive!

Bem vinda!

(Ps: now that you are an official follower, do add a picture on your follower profile J)


  1. i just saw this!!!!!!! ohhhhh i am soooo touched.. you are so great. You have no idea how helpful the blog has been for me being so far and spending the last month and a half homeless in central america.. the blog always makes me smile and takes away the long days at work!! thank you soo much for making me be a part of your experience..

    lots of love to you all!! gros bisous!!!

  2. we are so touched to hear how our blog has been useful to you...

    think positive, we think of you