Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow in Rome

Giardino degli Aranci

Snow in Rome is somehow magic.

And it little matters the troubles that it creates.

It little matters for instance that I got stuck in the traffic jam for six hours and half, proceeding at the speed of 800 m (800 m!) per hour. Or that we don’t know whether Mathilde’s tomorrow flight to Paris will be able to leave (and even in case it will, whether we would be able to reach Fiumicino, the airport).

Perhaps because so rare, perhaps because so abundant, snow in Rome is still somehow magic…

Circo Massimo


  1. 6x800=4800 m. Un uomo a piedi va alla velocità di 5 Km/h. Avresti risparmiato più di cinque ore!

  2. e infatti molte persone hanno lasciato la macchina per strada e se ne sono tornati a casa a piedi...

  3. wow! Just last Friday I was on the phone with a colleague in Rome and she suddenly screamed when she realized how much it was snowing at that moment.

    It's hard to imagine ancient Romans in tunics (and probably no underwear ;) walking around the city, he he

    It's also very cold here in Madrid but no snow downtown yet! .. and still happy here!!! I hope you are doing well. Big hugs!


  4. hola patty! que tal???

    we'll wait when it will be a bit warmer before coming to visit you...

    besos, ciao