Monday, February 8, 2010

Do not pay bribes!

In one of our past posts, one of our good readers told us that he learnt more about India in the past three months reading our blog than in his entire life.

While certainly flattered, I have to say I feel quite the opposite, i.e. I have the feeling that three lives would not be enough for me to really understand India.



  1. I must admit that your blog is also useful to learn new english words... I didn't understand at first what could a "bribe" be...

  2. Matteo - do not despair. There is no understanding it, just experience it. But truly, I think there is not that much different no? People are the same everywhere - the particular context may be seemingly different. Meanwhile, your blog is always fun and thought-provoking. Keep going. Cheers, Arati (from under the snows!)

  3. Matteo, despair but be happy with it!
    Cheers, emanuele (from under the snows too!!!)

  4. Lo sapevo che il p.p del verbo "to learn" era irregolare... ma sono stato pigro e non ho voluto controllare. Asino!

  5. tranquillo, si puo' usare sia "learnt" sia "learned" come participio passato. giustificato.


  6. Allora risponderò in anglo-indi: "I feel in lift" (traduzione): mi sento sollevato...