Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How many people visit our Blog?

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Seven months and 136 posts ago we started this Blog, initially as something absolutely temporary. Basically we wanted a space where we could easily upload pictures and other stuff from our wedding, and to which we could redirect people without the burden of communicating individually with everyone. As we were not technologically proficient enough to design our own website, we identified the blog as the easiest solution.

In time, the Blog changed a bit its function, and from a virtual archive, it became more and more a sort of virtual diary, or, if you prefer, a common mailing list: a space where we could collect and share our daily stories, our thoughts and reflections, and - by doing this - keep updated and keep in contact with our families and with the friends spread around the world. After hours sit in front of a computer in fact, we didn’t always have the will (and the strength) to spend additional time writing emails telling the same things to different people. And at the same time, time difference did not always make easy to simply chat over the phone.

Anyway, to make it brief, in the past months writing a blog has become a nice hobby, and often an opportunity to reflect on things and details that otherwise would easily pass away and be forgotten (a special thanks to Emanuele for his encouragement to start first, and to persist later).

Despite my initial enthusiasm however, I recently lost a bit my motivation as - not receiving many feedbacks* - I had the feeling I was writing more for myself than for the others - and that therefore the main purpose of the Blog got somehow lost**.

However, people hurried to reassure me: “Even if we don’t leave comments on your Blog, we do read it”.

Truth or adulation?

We decided then to set a small program to count the number of visits on our site. Don’t worry, your anonymity will be preserved, but at least we will know that, even from far away, you are following us. And this cheers us up!

(*) For those who wished to leave a comment on our Blog but had difficulties in doing it, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to post a comment on this blog in one of our past posts:

(**) We would like though to thank once more our six ‘official’ followers: Clemence, Mathilde, Laura, Brice, Hu8o, and Pakto


  1. You know every day I have a look to your blog .

    Don't give up. I learned more about India in these months than in the previou 65 years...

  2. I remember we had an interesting discussion about the function of a blog... on the way to Periyar (I don't remember how to write it!!!!).
    One more visit, bro

  3. happy you find the blog educative, though i have the impression that not even 130 years would be enough for me to learn about this country...


  4. Davidino has always read your blog... but to show how much he loves his uncle he has just become a "follower"..

  5. I suspected Davidino was reading our Blog, now you confirmed it. Good!

    Teach him to write comments as well, and put a nice picture of him when he becomes a follower...