Friday, February 26, 2010

Les M&M's font du ski...

Gulmarg, Kashmir (India)

Imagine you are given the map of India: what are the first images that come to your mind? Unbearable heat? Half-naked Brahmins that plunge into the waters of the Ganga or the Brahmaputra rivers? The sunny beaches of Goa?

Now, imagine you are preparing your luggage to India; what would you try not to forget? Your linen shirt? Your favourite swim-suit? An umbrella and a raincoat for the monsoon season?

Well then, when I was packing for India, I put in my luggage my ski-jacket -pants and -gloves, and my pile hat. And a little dream: skiing on the Himalayas.

And now, on the occasion of Holi, the ‘festival of colours’ and national holiday here in India, we are about to fulfill this little dream.

In company of Elise, who is visiting us from Switzerland, we are leaving today to Gulmarg, in Kashmir. We know very little about this place, besides the fact that it is supposedly a very wild and pristine spot for skiing.

We will tell you more at our return on Monday evening...


  1. Good luck my friend! It looks amazing, have fun!


  2. almost as nice as our skiing week-end in west virginia ;)