Thursday, October 14, 2010

From Carpi to Delhi, through the boundless plains of Central Asia

For the past few days we have been giving hospitality to Cristina, a free-lance photographer who concluded here in Delhi a three-month odyssey from Italy to Delhi through the endless plains of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Cristina started her adventure in June and covered, mostly by train, what used to be the Northern Silk Route: Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan again, and Nepal - before entering in Sikkim and going up the Ganga Valley through Bihar and Uttar Pradesh up to, finally, Delhi (have a look at her blog!).

Cristina will travel back to Italy tomorrow, probably a few kilos thinner than when she left her hometown Carpi, but surely with a few ‘kilos’ more of memories and experiences (and pictures!).

Looking forward to seeing her photo-reportage of this trip!

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