Friday, October 8, 2010

Where the hell are the CWG tickets???

It’s bizarre. Stands in the sport facilities are empty (to the extent that the Organizing Committee - to revert the depressing image of empty stadiums broadcasted worldwide - decided to let children enter for free to fill the terraces), but Commonwealth Games’ tickets are impossible to find. They are unavailable at the ticket offices at the sport venues. They result ‘sold-out’ on internet. And even on the black market they seem unfindable (or at least, I could not find them). Indeed, a true mystery…

Such a mystery that various newspapers opened today’s edition on this topic (‘Why stadiums are empty?’ titled the Hindustan Times today), providing various explanations to the arcane - none of which really convincing, telling the truth.

One of these, however, is extremely picturesque - a mix of candor, creativity and Indian entrepreneurship - and is worth being told.

Yesterday in fact a kabaadi-walla (junk dealer) was found with about 3,000 tickets in his sack. Was he thinking to sell them to the black market? No, he was simply going to sell them as ‘waste paper’… Brilliant!

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