Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sport and culture

After many days of search, today I finally managed to get the tickets for one of the CWG sport events: field-hockey. Not as fast and elegant as ice-hockey perhaps, but still harsh and hard fought. I watched two very tight matches: England-New Zealand 5-3, and Australia-Pakistan 1-0 (with Pakistan that missed a penalty at the last minute to draw).

In sum, a nice experience.

In the evening on the contrary we devoted ourselves to culture. We went in fact to one of the numerous cultural events that are being organized in these days in conjunction with the Commonwealth Games: the concert of Rashid Mustafa Thirakwa, a ‘tabla’ virtuoso. The tabla is a popular percussion instrument used in Indian classical music that produces a wide variety of different sounds depending on how fingers and palms skim over it. Impressive.

But more than words, perhaps these three minutes ‘stolen’ from his concert can tell you more about this art and about the virtuoso hands of Rashid Mustafa ... (click here).

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