Saturday, October 16, 2010


While Matteo is lost somewhere with Arndt in Northern Thailand (but will be back to BKK tomorrow eve), Mathilde experienced the pleasant thrill of feeling like a (B)hollywood celebrity.

While in a bar in DC, she was approached by one of the clients who, in a mix of surprise and excitement, cried: “I can’t believe it, you are one of the M&M’s! I love your Blog!!!”

What to add, besides thanking our secret fan and inviting her to keep on reading us! J


  1. Io comincerei ad indagare....o a chiedermi: "che cosa ho (abbiamo) fatto per diventare famoso/i?"

  2. forse il nostro faccione sul blog?

  3. quindi occhio alle foto del resto della famiglia che pubblicherai!!!!