Monday, October 31, 2011

Merci à Veronique

Everyone must have his or her guardian angel. Simply, we often are not able to recognize him/her. They say that it’s because guardian angels work better undercover. Goodness knows…

But in the case of Mathilde, it has been relatively easy to spot her guardian angel. Every time I leave on mission abandoning the family, she suddenly appears, apparently directly from Paris - but I do start suspecting that Paris is just a cover, and that in reality she comes directly from the sky.

But ‘sky’ or ‘Paris’ it makes little difference in the end: the point is that every time I leave on mission abandoning the family, she suddenly appears to keep Mathilde company and to support her during my absence.

And so it happened this time as well. And as every time she comes, I won’t be able to meet her at my return, as she will be already left. Back to Paris. Or to the sky. Because guardian angels prefer not to appear too much…

I thus can’t do anything else than to thank her through the Blog. Thank-you guardian angel, thank-you Veronique…

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