Saturday, October 22, 2011

Leo and his friends

Do you remember when we announced that Leo (at the time still ‘Baby’) was not yet born, and he already had plenty of friends? (click here if you don’t remember…)

Well, today we finally managed to have Leo, Duccio, and Riccardo meeting.

Let’s hope that this will be ‘the beginning of a beautiful friendship’…

(Ps: we take this opportunity to also announce the birth of Federico, today in Milan. Welcome Federico, and best wishes to Maura and Stefano!)


  1. Dear M&M&L, yes! Let's hope they become really good friends!
    Duccio was so excited to meet Leo and Ric that he didn't sleep all night...!
    See you soon! Big hugs,
    The Minuts

  2. ahahaahah...