Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Run for food

With hindsight, I think one of the (rational or irrational) fears of becoming father I had was to see the time I used to have for myself drastically diminishing - till (eventually) disappearing. In particular, I was afraid of not having time anymore to play sport, my hobby and safety valve…

Interestingly, the first day back to office after my paternity leaves I discovered there is actually an IFAD running group, who meets every lunch break and goes running in the neighbourhood.

Half in jest, half in earnest I decided to join the group, and since then I have been running at least twice per week with them.

And on Sunday I had my first competition: the ‘Run for Food’ - a 10 km competitive race to raise awareness and collect funds to fight against world hunger.

And well, to my own surprise, the race went better than expected. A boost to continue training - till the final goal: the Rome Marathon in March 2012… J


  1. merito delle scarpette nuove?

  2. merito delle gambotte ;)

    (ho usato le scarpe vecchie, avevo paura che mi venissero le vesciche con le scarpe nuove...)

    e tu quando collaudi le tue scarpette nuove?

  3. Mitico! Magari la facciamo insieme la maratona di Roma: sarebbe bellissimo!!!
    (in fase finale preparazione NYC Marathon e purtroppo in forma pessima...!!!)

  4. http://www.maratonadiroma.it/

    io mi sono iscritto oggi ;)

    (in bocca al lupo per ny!!!)