Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The difficulty of being consistent with your own principles - a case study

Leo and uncle Francesco Maria

A doctor, an engineer, a lawyer… perhaps the president of the republic! It must have occurred to everyone to daydream about the future profession of your child…

But as much we wonder what Leonardo will do when he will be a grown up, as I wonder which football team he will support…

I wish, of course, he would eventually support Inter Milan. The French branch of the family probably wishes he could become a supporter of Paris Saint Germain. The baker in Testaccio already sees Leonardo in the ‘Curva Sud’ of the Olympic Stadium in Rome cheering AS Roma - and he has already started brainwashing Leo: every time I go to his bakery with Leo, he says goodbye to us by saying: “Ao’, Leona’, me raccomando, forza Roma!” (Hey, Leonardo, don’t forget, come on Roma!).

To be consistent with my liberal principles, I should accept that the choice of the team to support is individual - and should accept whatever choice Leonardo will make.

True, but in the meantime a little hint* doesn’t harm…

(*) Thanks to Davide and Andrea for passing Leo the ‘baton’…


  1. la branche française préfère l'équitation et la voile au football! Nous ne péserons donc pas sur les choix de Léo à propos du ballon rond.
    Forza léonardo!


  2. Bien à savoir. Donc la choix sera entre l’Inter de Milan et la Roma…

  3. Leonardo will become the typical case of reaction against a cumbersome father...Leo is a smart guy, I met him, and I could immediately feel his intelligence in understanding where honesty, loyalty, respect and passion live...they live in a fantastic red-black "home"/"heart"....the Curva Sud (in Milan) is waiting for you Leo...FORZA MILAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicolo'

  4. mi e' semblato di sentile un milanista...