Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome Duccio!

You may remember that some time ago we announced that several very good friends of us would have had a baby over the summer*.

Well, the first baby (Duccio) landed among us just three weeks ago. And yesterday we went to officially meet him. Welcome Duccio!

Mum and dad look tired but happy, and the baby… well, he looks ‘small’!

Mathilde seemed absolutely at her ease with the baby, and showed an incredible natural talent in handling him (the mother instinct is coming out?), whereas Matteo… well, let’s say he still needs to practice a bit…

(*) Ref. “Baby and his/her friends”.


  1. Dear M&M,

    thank you so much for the wonderful "welcome Duccio"!

    Duccio was very happy to meet you!!!!
    For the happiness and the excitement he hasn't slept since then!

    Very big hug to all of you!

    the Minuts

  2. and thank you again dear M&Ms for the wonderful pashmina!!! We're experiencing its softness in the Appenino Reggiano! It's great!
    Big hug
    The Minuts

  3. a pashmina made in nepal, purchased in pakistan, offered in rome, and used in the appennino reggiano.

    the world is flat!