Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Apres l’effort, il y a le reconfort

“I miss you”. “Come back soon”...

There is nothing more fulfilling when you are travelling a lot and you are far from home for long periods of time, often alone in your hotel room in front of the screen of your laptop, or by yourself at the restaurant reading a draft document while waiting for your dinner, to feel you are missed at home.

Little I knew that behind those (to my ears sincere) words of love, anything but that feeling was hidden.

Of course I was missed. Of course Mathilde wanted me to come back soon from my mission. But nothing else than to clean our terrace!

Our terrace is gorgeous, but maintaining it’s a job itself. Watering the plants, sweeping the dead leaves, brushing the clay tiles… If you miss your duty for a couple of days in a row, the terrace becomes a mess in a twinkling…

And so the same day I had come back from Pakistan, I was already in press. To recover the two weeks I missed….

Luckily, as the French say, ‘apres l’effort, il ya le reconfort”… (“after an effort, there is a reward…”).