Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our last vacation in two

Worn out by months of travel, the heat of the Roman summer, the preparation for the baby to come, we have decided to take a week of break, and to go on vacation.

It will be our last vacation in two, and, in a way, it is the closing of a cycle - before opening a new one. We know that in a few weeks nothing will be as before, and even when we’ll leave Baby to the grandpas to rediscover the thrill of a week-end or a short vacation in two, there will always be a third one (and perhaps a forth one, and a fifth one) accompanying us in our hearts and in our minds.

Used to fill our backpacks, catch a plane, and explore every corner of the world we could reach, from Morocco to Gabon, from Sao Tome to Arizona and Utah, from Yucatan to Iceland, and Alaska, and Colombia, and Ladakh, and many many other destinations, the destination of this vacation - an agritourismo in Umbria within the ‘two-hours-from-Rome’ safety distance - may not appear particularly exotic.

Well, that’s life, and we’ll try to get the most out of it. Here below are our resolutions for this vacation:

- Write or call friends we haven’t heard from for long time;

- Read the book that has been on my bedside table for the past six months;

- Choose the pictures of our wedding we want to print out;

- Choose Baby’s name;

and of course spend good time together and stay well together.

Because the basis for building a life in three, is to have a solid life in two.


  1. i hope you both are able to get some very deserved rest.. and i hope i am on mathilde's list to call :) tu me manque coucou!!
    and btw, you look beautiful!!!

    gros bisous

  2. this picture is beautiful and filled with love!!

  3. Wishing you both a great and relaxing holiday!!! You deserve it!... Special note for Mathilde: please, DO NOT think about anything related to work! That includes not checking your Blackberry ;-) (since we’re not only friends but colleagues too… I guess it’s too late, my name is probably linked to “work”...arghhhh...)

    Good luck with BB name!… (latest news on yahoo… the Beckhams have called their newborn “Harper Seven”… as long as you don't go this path, BB should be fine! ;-)))

    Ingrid (still struggling with posting a comment - getting message in Ducth...)

  4. Dear Matteo - Congratulations to you and Mathilde! It's nice to see that the 'old' DC crew is growing a second generation now ;-) Our daughter Charlotte was born in early May - knowing how small the world is: the M&M baby and her will probably meet some day... Love from us to Rome and all the best for the coming weeks! (Oh, and one resolution you forgot: Sleep in for the last time in a looong time to come ;-)

  5. @ debrinhah: we have passed half of our vacation, and haven't started any of the things we said we would do. i suspect mathilde will call you once we are back in rome...

    @ emilidf: :)

    @ ingrid: first of all, bravo for having managed to post on our blog despite the instructions in flamish! second, bravo to me: i managed to have mathilde not checking her blackberry since we left! third: don't worry, there are no risks we'll follow the beckhams' path :)

    @ sandra: what a surprise, and what a pleasure to receive your message on our blog! and congratulations for charlotte! and yes, let's try to keep in touch, and i am sure one day or another charlotte and baby m&m's will meet. this world is very small!

    @ clemence: we are doing our best ;)