Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby-care coaching

At the end of the last class of our pre-natal course last week (a video on how to clean and disinfect babies’ umbilicus when the tail of the umbilical cord is still attached), Mathilde and I looked at each other with despairing look and said in unison: “I am not ready”.

We are not ready. We don’t feel ready. We may know a few things in theory, but we are absolutely frightened by the idea of having to handle a ‘real’ baby. And with only two weeks left, we have no idea on how we could make up…

Luckily in the past two days we received the visit of Laura, an old friend of Mathilde and now mother of a beautiful three-month-old baby: Aude, and - whether we liked it or not - the past two days have been an intensive course of baby-management.

Well, can’t say we are now proficient in handling a baby, but certainly I can now change a diaper…

Thank-you 'doula' Laura for the private classes!


  1. Don't worry, mother nature is wise. When u look at the little face of your child, u feel u can do anything in this world for him/her. You will be able to do it with your eyes closed in no time!!! baci Dani

  2. Good Matteo! But the whole process in the pictures seems too clean... Ahora tienes que aprender a cambiar pañales cuando están sucios... :)
    Un abrazo para ti y para Mathilde, Fatima

  3. Fatima is right. Too easy, guys. You need a screaming baby after the bath who shits one second after you have dressed her/him and then you undress him/her, you change the diaper again and s/he pees in your face.
    If you find yourselves still smiling, then you are finally ready.
    Good luck!

    PS: Not suprisingly given our links, Matteo, my moment of terror pre-Alice was instigated by diapers too. Here it is:

  4. @ dani: tx for the encouragement ;)

    @ fatima: i swear, no photo-shop, the process was as clean as portraied. perhaps because before changing the diaper, we cleaned the baby (ref. following post)...

    @ emanuele: well, this was probably a beginner class. the advanced class later... (ps: i checked your post, and confirmed our links: che capelli da sbarbagallo!!!)

  5. se i filippini imparano a guidare, non vedo perché voi non siate pronti ad essere genitori... al peggio fate fare alla natura il loro corso... e vi verrà fuori come davide o andrea...

  6. @ sili: "al peggio fate fare alla natura il loro corso... e vi verrà fuori come davide o andrea" ...

    se volevi spaventarci, ci sei riuscita!