Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mathilde & Raphael in Rome (Lucullian breakfasts and dinners on the terrace)

We told our family and friends to take advantage of our guestroom before Baby gets possession of it*, and we have been taken at our own word.

L’auberge Les M&M’s is now working at full capacity, and after the recent visits of Sara & Tommaso, Patricia, Ingrid, and Maman et Papa Iweins, this week-end has been the turn of Mathilde & Raphael.

As for most of our French friends, everything revolves around meals, and we soon realized that sightseeing was in fact a collateral activity to fill the time between two meals.

Conclusion: not many museums in the past couple of days, but Lucullian breakfasts and dinners on the terrace.

Who’s going to be the next?


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