Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First steps

‘The longest journey begins with a single step’, once said Lao Tzu.

And today, after eleven months, two weeks and two days, Leo took his first step. Naturally. Apparently without thinking of it.

Of course still a bit shaky, hesitant, unsure. But by himself, without anybody helping him.

And we, silent witnesses of this new milestone, observed (a little bit moved) our little bird flying off - aware that this step will be followed by many many more.

Dear Leo, we wish you could walk through hundreds of countries, run dozens of marathons, reach dozens of mountain summits on your feet. Remember then, all started with a first step today…


  1. this is amazing!!!!!! i cannot wait for pictures of leonardo walking. this is exciting. did you both cry????

  2. @ clemence: (on behalf of leo) thanks, and best wishes! looking forward to meeting you ALL (perhaps in september?)

    @ projecto pupunha: well... to be honest, yes, we sheded a little tear...