Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meet Ann & Neil

They say that Italians have a strong accent when they speak English, but have you ever heard a French speaking in English?

Well, one of Mathilde’s (small) prides is that when she speaks English, very few think she is French. Actually the majority believes she is American.

Well, most of the merits for Mathilde’s American accent go to Ann and Neil, an American couple from Louisiana who hosted Mathilde for a few months during her youth, allowing her to learn and improve if not the language of Shakespeare and Dickens, at least the language of Whitman and Hemingway.

And many years after, we are happy to have been able to return the favour and to have hosted Ann and Neil here in Rome, even if for one night only.

We hope people will now think you are native Italian when you order a pizza or a plate of spaghetti at the restaurant.

Nice to have met you Ann and Neil, and please, come back to visit us again next time you pass by Italy.

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