Monday, July 23, 2012

Wandering about ‘il Lido’ by rickshaw

Although I have not been to Lido degli Estensi (‘il Lido’) for nineteen years, since the summer of my ‘maturità’ (my high-school leaving exam), il Lido is almost home for me. I have spent here the summers of my childhood, youth, and teens. Every square-centimeter of this place is soaked with memories. Every scent, every glimpse of this place evokes thousands of remembrances…

I’ll tell in another post the tempest of feelings I felt in coming back in this place after so long.

Certainly, as much as familiar il Lido is for me, as it is alien for Mathilde and Leo. And so, a little ‘family’ rickshaw-ride to familiarize ourselves with this new place…


  1. ci sono ancora le maxizanzare di una volta?

  2. @ projeto pupunha: it was!!! :)

    @ m2: molto meno di una volta. sara' la recessione...