Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vă prezentăm Claudia (intrducing Claudia)

This is a long due post. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the pleasure of introducing you a person that since November can be considered a full member of our family in all respects: Claudia, Leo’s nanny.

Do you think I am exaggerating? Ok, let me give you an example in support of my statement.

I had returned from a mission during which Leo hadn’t seen me for about ten/eleven days, and I was very happy and very proud to experience the warm welcome he gave me: he did not only not forget my face, but he seemed truly excited to see me again. But when the day after I observed that the excitement he expressed to me the previous evening was only half (or a third) of the excitement he expressed to Claudia when she arrived the following morning for her daily duty, I understood which place Claudia takes in Leo’s affective hierarchies.

So, if in addition to Italian, French, and hopefully English, Leo will at one point be fluent in Romanian as well, don’t be surprised!

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